US Half – The first half

I’ve been neglecting my blog way too much lately. And I’ve been neglecting my health a bit too. I need to change that. Stat.

Here are some photos of the US Half Marathon in San Francisco. I uploaded these almost 4 weeks ago but never finished the blog post! Bad, Sean, bad.

The half marathon didn’t go very well. It was raining hardcore and I was soaked and covered in mud. It also didn’t help that I bought new shoes the week before and stupidly wore them! Ran into some traffic (at like 5am!?) on highway 101 so we ended up being late to the start too and had to find a bathroom on the course. Kelly and I ran it together and we didn’t care about time since it was just miserable outside and we were treading it as a slightly longish run for the upcoming Rock And Roll Marathon in Vegas. But it’s hard to be blah when you’re running over the golden gate in my favorite big city. 🙂

The medal is pretty unique – there are 2 half marathons – This one and “The Other Half” in April. You can put both medals together to make a super medal.

I promise I will get a recap of my little mini-vacation to Vegas up either today or tomorrow. If I don’t please harass me (@haydez) via Twitter.

Here are a few photos:

The first half medal!

1 + 2 = Optimus Prime Medal

What's up with the dude behind me?

A miserable day for the Godlen Gate bridge trot.

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