2011 Tentative Schedule

Ok, I suck. I admit it. I totally suck. This post has been sitting in my wordpress queue for over two weeks and I was too dumb to finish it. Feel free to chastise me on Twitter.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnyway – I’ve been compiling up a list of events that I’m going to attempt to do in 2011. It’s a lot bigger than I expected but I’m looking forward to it. Some people like to go out and get sloshed on a Saturday evening or go out to a fancy restaurant on Friday nights. Well, not I. I can’t place exactly when it happened but participating in endurance/race type events is extremely fun. The people, the atmosphere, the actual courses and scenery… and it’s much healthier than consuming 5,000 calories worth of liquid to only throw it up the next morning. Although sometimes I feel like I should be throwing up during the run.

Everything is not set in stone but here’s the list. My ‘A’ races are Ironman Texas, Vineman 70.3 and the Poconos 70.3. There’s a few scheduling mishaps that I’d like to work through (glaring example is the Steamtown Marathon the week after the Poconos Half Ironman.) but should be a blast!

Jan 1 – New Years Run for a Healthy World (10k)
Feb 12 – Campbell Valentine Fun Run 10k
Feb 27 – Stanford Treeathlon (Sprint treeathlon)
Mar 6 – Jenny’s Light 10k
Mar 13 – Go Green St. Patrick’s Day Run (Half-marathon)
Apr 10 – US Half Marathon Part 2 – The ‘Other’ Half
Apr 16 – Tierra Bella 2011 (Century)
Apr 23 – Big Bunny Fun Run (5k)
Apr 30 – May 1 – The Relay (Team: Scrappers!)
May 7 – Los Altos Hills Pathways (10k trial)
May 15 – Bay To Breakers (12k)
May 21 – Ironman Texas (!!!)
Jun 11 – Silicon Valley Long Course Triathlon (Half iron distance)
Jun 12 – Silicon Valley International Triathlon (Maybe!)
Jul 17 – Vineman 70.3
July 31 – The San Francisco Marathon
Aug 14 – Santa Cruz International Triathlon (Olympic distance)
Sep 5 – Labor Day Run for a Healthy World 10k (Don’t see it on their website yet but I presume it will go on in 2011)
Sep 17 – Palo Alto Echelon Gran Fondo (Century)
Sep 25 – Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon (May skip on this)
Oct 2 – Ironman Pocono Mountains 70.3
Oct 9 – Steamtown Marathon
Oct 15 – Oktoberfest 5K Run
Oct 29 – Warrior Dash
Oct 30 – Monster Dash (10k)
Nov 24 – Silicon Valley Turkey Trot (10k)
Dec 4 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon
Dec 11 – Santa Cruz Jingle Bell Rock 5k

Whew, I think I burned 508 calories just compiling that list.

In other news – after saving up for a long time I finally was able to get a triathlon/TT bike – and for a pretty nifty price too!

2011 Felt B12. Excuse the ugly cabling housing – it will be fixed along with shortening the aero bars after I have my FIST fitting done. And excuse the backward seatpost bag – I couldn’t rig that stupid thing on there with the TT seat but I already fixed that. 😉

Only been on two longer rides of about 50 miles with a bit of climbing and I’m in heaven. I shaved off a couple minutes of my Old La Honda time. Although I can probably smash it on my road bike now since it’s been a while since I tried and I should climb much better on that. Hah!

The real test will be in another week and a half at the Stanford Treeathlon at the Redwood Shores. I’m a terrible blogger and I don’t think I even recapped it last year. Shame on me.

I saw this posted somewhere on a forum and thought it was pretty fun – San Francisco locals should appreciate this. San Francisco neighborhoods by the bike type:

Anyone else an event-a-holic like me? Anyone doing some of the same events?

Valentine Fun Run

5 thoughts on “2011 Tentative Schedule

    • haha, I am an animal! hear me roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!

      I try to lurk in runchat and bikeschool but I’m usually not around. I’m usually in the pool on Thursdays during #bikeschool (same for #fitblog now too)

      and I seem to always miss the Sunday #runchat is on and show up for the week it’s not on. Some day I’ll participate in both 🙂

  1. just found you via twitter. thats a ridiculous schedule — i commend you and bow down to your insanity. i’ll be doing the santa cruz tri this summer as well — though, as its my first, i may opt for the saturday sprint. suggestions for a first time tri-er?

    and i may have to look up a few races as i’m relatively new to the area. again — insanity.

    • Hah – I remember retweeting your Santa Cruz Safeway stoner quote last night. During the bike portion of the Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon was the only time I ever smelled weed during a race. hah! My schedule is pretty packed but I don’t run everything as hard as I can so I end up treating a lot of events just as training runs. I just love the race atmosphere a little too much.

      Tri Santa Cruz (August) is perfect for a 1st triathlon. It was my wife’s first ever triathlon and she did well. The bike course was 3 loops so it was pretty compact. The only thing that was tough was the open water swim in the ocean. If you’re comfortable with that I’d highly recommend it! The water was pretty cold last year. The Santa Cruz Triathlon in September (used to be called the Sentinel — I know, confusing enough) is a great one too but I think it’s only an Olympic.

      If you wanted to check out something a little sooner than that there’s a really good one by USA Productions at Lake Almaden in San Jose in June. They put on a sprint, olympic and are adding a long course this year. I think it’s called The Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon — the swim is a lot warmer 😉

  2. I think with a schedule like that, you’re like a pro athlete. And you’re right, better to spend on this, than booze. And better to run than to let oneself go.

    I did the Oakland Marathon on 3/27, The Relay 4/29-5/1, and signed up for the Morgan Hill Marathon 10/23. That’s a ton for me, considering I haven’t run a race in over a decade.

    Dave Larson and I signed up for Morgan Hill for $35 – half off @ Living Social. He said at that price, no biggie if he doesn’t show up. I want to, though. I’d better train so my legs don’t give out.

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